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Our systems are ideal for:

  • Retail
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Tote and Box Delivery
  • Stock Warehousing
  • Trash Removal

Intelligent Solutions For More Efficient Distribution Conveyors

The Richards-Wilcox Overhead Distribution Conveyor system can keep carton assembly and loading at one location by an operator, so automatic overhead delivery eliminates the need to stock shipping cartons in the pick module itself. Richards-Wilcox has even designed dual-level systems conveying packing cartons to multiple operations to prevent fulfillment from backing up or stacking.

Richards-Wilcox Distribution Center Solutions include:

  • Reliable low-maintenance systems
  • Space-saving overhead configuration
  • Multiple level delivery system to large fulfillment operations
  • Multiple load and unload points
  • Combined systems for tote delivery and trash removal
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Save Time & Money With Integrated Trash Removal

Richards-Wilcox Conveyor solutions combine tote delivery with trash removal of master cartons (or other waste generated in the fulfillment process). This can save time and money by eliminating trash conveyors or the cost of labor for workers to pick up trash at multiple stations. Our specially designed trash removal conveyors can automatically dump the waste content into your recycling area.