The Push-Pull Overhead Conveyor system offers more benefits than a traditional monorail powered system. Push-Pull is a power & free conveyor that powers carriers through a process area at a constant speed, most commonly a paint line, and will deliver carriers to manual push areas. These manual push areas are typically unload, load or manufacturing cells.

push pull conveyor

A Push-Pull power & free system is simple, accessible and relatively low-tech; a single drive can power carriers through the process with a simple standard control panel. This, along with manual push for multiple spurs, offers great flexibility for managing fabrication and loading areas. This type of system will significantly reduce the overall project cost.

push pull conveyor system

At Richards-Wilcox Conveyor, we can help you understand how these technologies will impact your production line. Then, we create custom solutions and integrate them into your facility.

We use engineering expertise, along with digital simulations that help you see how specific design decisions could affect your overall environment, to help you determine the right machinery, technologies and layout for your factory.

While we specialize in the most fundamental component of the modern factory, the conveyor, we have a holistic understanding of the factory environment and our clients’ various industries. We leverage that knowledge to help you not only build a better factory for today, but evolve your business for the rapidly changing world of tomorrow.

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