Want to turn your factory around? Then we’ve engineered a literal way to level up your system.

Conveyor rotation allows you to index a part 180 degrees on a spinning axis – basically, the ability to turn a part and flip the script on your system. This powerful process can benefit your business in a multitude of ways.

Rotation can cut labor costs. If a part in a paint line can spin, a single robot can cover the entire component with pigment. If a fulfillment line utilizes auto-tote rotation, the ergonomic solution makes processes easier for a single operator. Rotation frees up valuable workers and resources for further productivity, streamlining your efficiency.

conveyor rotation

Because of this, rotation can simultaneously optimize your layout. For example, if you eliminate the need for workers or robots on one side of the system, a belt can now be placed up against a wall to free space for another component, making you the master of your floorplan.

While Richards-Wilcox Conveyor thrives on technical and sophisticated systems, sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Of course, there are other methods to create rotation, but bump turns require rods, wheels, and UHMW shapes and can only do 90-degree indexing. Dual conveyor turners necessitate two belts and allotted distance to reorient product. With pendant rotation, we can reduce unnecessary elements and electronics to rely on time-tested mechanic solutions. With our 30 years of experience, our conveyors accommodate all different styles of rotation.

For example, the pivoting pendant on our Inverted Zig-Zag® Conveyor facilitates free rotation up and down vertical inclines, and also extends chain and track life: less torque, friction and wear on the chain assembly means lower maintenance costs and downtime.

Sometimes, productivity just needs a pivot. Discover how rotation can revolutionize your facility.


Each solution is completely customizable to your situation, and each of our systems can be easily adapted for rotation and indexing:

  • With ZigZag® chain conveyors, various styles of rotation pendants allow for free spin, 90 degree indexing, or a powered rotator that engages at a trigger point.
  • With TwinTrak® and OveRWay, we utilize free spin and index rotation on the fly.
  • With inverted floor conveyors like MonoCart™, we create a system that locks the rotational part of the carrier in place, then rotates at the correct station.

We have over 30 years of rotation experience. Think you could use it in your facility? Let’s circle back.