2 Advantages of a Trolley Conveyor System

2 Advantages of a Trolley Conveyor System

As the world changes, industries are forced to incorporate equipment designed for adaption and built for the future. Efficiency, quality, and quantity are simultaneously demanded by companies and consumers alike. In the face of extraordinary demand, selecting equipment strategically is crucial. Conveyor systems are a piece of equipment often found in the warehouse and manufacturing plants behind dozens of industries – and a specific variation can provide the efficiency required to meet and exceed demands.

Below, we explore two key advantages of utilizing a trolley conveyor system in a modern, efficient industrial setting.

What Are Trolley Conveyor Systems?

Trolley conveyor systems take many forms; however, overhead conveyor systems are most common. Simply put, overhead conveyor systems are a continuous chain or cable loop, suspended from a track. At times, carriers are attached to augment various processes. Overhead trolleys are often categorized into several different types, including manual systems, push systems, and power and free conveyors.

2 Advantages of Trolley Conveyor Systems

Overhead Trolley Conveyor Systems Use Space Efficiently

As their name implies, overhead trolley conveyor systems are installed out of the way, above ground-level operations. Efficient use of space is absolutely crucial for locations with limited space.

The Twin-Trak Side-by-Side Conveyor system provides unlimited power while using space efficiently. A small factory may have limited ground level and overhead space. The Side-by-Side system is built with a dual-track for optimal volume and efficiency. Freed space can be used for other equipment. The Twin-Trak also stores work-in-process projects overhead. When needed, each piece of a project can be called down in the exact quantity and order required. However, when in disuse, the projects are stored out of the way.

Overhead Trolley Conveyor Systems Are Flexible

Most overhead conveyor systems are designed with intense, complex environments in mind. Trolley systems transport huge and varied loads at high temperatures. Often, the equipment is developed for sensitive, highly contaminated applications. The Over-Way Heavy Duty Over and Under Conveyor system is built to withstand the rigor of a variety of applications.

As a general task, overhead trolley systems are often used in painting systems, transporting parts through the cleaning, coating, drying, and cooling processes. Overhead trolleys find their way into a variety of industrial settings as well, playing crucial roles in transporting products among manufacturing applications. For example, trolleys may provide new supplies of cases or cartons. A trolley system may be utilized for carrying thousands of pounds of equipment. The Over-Way transports loads up to 1,000 pounds.

What makes overhead trolley conveyor systems different from a conveyor belt system? Quite simply, flexibility. Trolley systems can transport unique products, odd-shaped parts, and other items difficult to transport on a traditional belt system.

Richards-Wilcox Conveyor

At Richards-Wilcox Conveyor, we are accustomed to the demand for innovation – meeting and succeeding expectations. This is why we provide conveyor solutions designed to keep pace with a radically changing world. Each system we produce is modular, flexible, and adaptable.

To learn more about our conveyor solutions, contact us today at (888) 852-1020 or via our online contact form.

what makes our conveyor system design process unique

What Makes Our Conveyor Systems Design Process Unique?


Our conveyor systems design process is unique, because we design with you in mind. We proactively evaluate the needs of our clients and build systems to fulfil those needs. At Richards-Wilcox Conveyor, our goal is to bring unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and customization to every project. We begin with you, your needs, your specific application – and go from there.

From spray-finishing to large-scale robotic systems, our expert team will engineer a custom system for your operation. In the content below, we will explore a wide variety of Monorail and Power & Free conveyor systems, from unique design to practical applications.

Monorail Conveyor Systems Design

We build Monorail Systems with simplicity and cost-effectivity in mind. Standard (Monorail) Systems follow one path, meaning they work best with straightforward processes, powered manually or by a continuous chain.

A few Richards-Wilcox Monorail Conveyor Systems include:


The Safe-Rail Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor is designed to be efficient and expandable, engineered to evolve with your factory. The Safe-Rail can be upgraded easily into a more sophisticated conveyor system, either Monorail or Power & Free. Extreme productivity and efficiency can be achieved almost instantaneously with minimal conversion time.

The Safe-Rail is best for the following applications:

  • Batch paint systems
  • Tire retread systems
  • Tool support systems
  • Synthetic fiber handling
  • Light-duty bridge cranes
  • Manual transport and assembly


After nearly a century of innovation, the Zig-Zag Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor was designed, a refined piece of equipment. The Zig-Zag’s functions solve a multitude of manufacturing problems, from simple to complex retrieval systems.

The Zig-Zag system features:

  • 75 lbs./load capacity
  • Standard drive packages – up to 750 lb. chain pull
  • Vertical wheels on 6” centers

Inverted Zig-Zag

The Inverted Zig-Zag Conveyor was designed for clean operation. It is primarily used in such product environments. Using Richards-Wilcox Inverted Pendants, the design offers unique vertical flexibility.

The Inverted Zig-Zag is ideal for the following applications:

  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Pin systems
  • Pan conveyor assembly
  • Kitting assembly
  • Tote conveyors
  • Package handling

Power & Free Conveyor Systems Design

Power & Free Systems offer extreme flexibility for a variety of parts and processes. Using pusher dogs to engage and disengage connections, these conveyor systems can perform at many speeds, stop and start easily, divert to multiple locations, and offer part-tracking options.


The Twin Trak Side-by-Side Conveyor system brings extraordinary power to a limited space. The Richards-Wilcox engineering team had saved space in mind, a solution for factories with limited overhead space.

Over-Way Over-and-Under

Over-Way Conveyors are built to provide durable, high-capacity solutions for companies, enhancing efficiency without sacrificing quality. Utilizing this equipment can increase production rates and minimize lead times.

The Over-Way is an excellent solution for the following applications:

  • Paint finishing
  • WIP buffer & retrieval
  • Assembly line
  • Long load handling

Over-Way Inverted

Over-Way Inverted Floor-Mounted Conveyor systems bring power and capability together with the ergonomic benefits of floor-mounted designs. This system is perfect for situations when cleanliness and/or robotic interfaces are crucial to production.

The Over-Way Inverted system is ideal for these applications:

  • Paint finishing
  • Robotic welding
  • Robotic assembly
  • Machine-to-machine transfers
  • General assembly

Richards-Wilcox Conveyor

At Richards-Wilcox Conveyor, our designs are engineered for innovation – radically changing with an evolving world. With numerous applications and capabilities, our solutions may be the ideal choice for your system. To explore our wide range of conveyor systems further, view our inventory. To get in touch with inquiries, contact us today!